2002-07-02 20:17:06 ET

I have a cold.
It really sucks.
My sinus are all
drainy. My throat
is all yucky, I
hate being sick.
~Flops down on bed~

2002-07-02 20:22:19 ET

colds are evil

2002-07-02 20:38:07 ET

is that a real gun? if so, what kind/caliber?

2002-07-02 21:14:04 ET

I hate hate hate being sick in the summer.
Its way worse than any other time of the year.

God machine
no its not...just an airsoft.
wanna talk guns? Go see my boi.
user peter graves

2002-07-02 21:33:19 ET

nah, i talk enough with myself. :) but i just thought I'd ask...

2002-07-02 23:26:19 ET

Well whatever...

2002-07-03 00:31:30 ET

blah to your cold! hope you feel better soon.
(and did you change your hair or is that picture in the avatar old?)

2002-07-03 02:38:11 ET

she changes her hair daily...the one in the current avatar is how it look with out extensions

2002-07-03 08:23:21 ET

sorry to hear you are sick :((
i just got over my summer cold
bleh :(

2002-07-03 12:45:46 ET

without extensions looks nice...i don't know what all the hype is about extensions anyway...

2002-07-07 00:54:00 ET

no doubt don't know the down side till you live with a grrl who does them all the time...these bags of hair are everywhere and its mutated into something near mammalian....i swear to god i saw one move once...

2002-07-07 01:49:26 ET

haha y0 that's crazy but i don't doubt it! :-D

2002-07-07 06:05:23 ET

Ha ha.

2002-07-07 09:23:47 ET

*talks very quietly*
she knows, she their host...she was sworn to protect them....i have to to go...don't send in anyone in after me...

2002-07-07 23:53:47 ET

*sucks peters brain out through earhole*

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