2002-07-28 10:22:45 ET

I am looking for wierd FOOD recipes.(no recipes for napalm)
I am actually on my way to the kitchen now to make spaghetti
and meatballs. I am going to use potatoe flakes in them.
Hopefully it will turn out ok!
I ll let ya know.

2002-07-28 10:24:41 ET

chastity is actually starting up a subkultures.net cookbook, if you wanna take a look at that/contribute :)

let us know how your food turned out!
i had a peanut butter sandwhich, i am lazy :(

2002-07-28 11:17:20 ET

Yay. Brownies are yum.

2002-07-28 18:22:45 ET

hey, i'm actually a really good cook...i can throw together some pretty tastey and cheap and easy to make/fast meals.

2002-07-29 11:28:25 ET

i know how to make hot dogs

2002-07-31 03:11:37 ET

I live vicariously through the toaster.
Well, that's not entirely true. I can make spaghetti and use the george foreman grill. I would actually like to try potato flakes in spaghetti and meatballs. Speaking of which, soy meatballs are supposed to be really good, odd as that sounds.

2002-07-31 03:14:18 ET

that delicious "soy meat"? haha :-P

2002-07-31 05:05:30 ET

i love soy products!

2002-07-31 05:50:20 ET

Furax~It is good...and sometimes called 'unmeat'

2002-07-31 06:23:50 ET

eww~ I know someone that eats that crap all the time.
For thanksgiving last year he had a tofurkey...

2002-07-31 06:41:31 ET

That's a new one on me....and it just doesn't sound right much as I like soy products.

2002-07-31 08:15:20 ET


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