2002-08-03 06:24:49 ET

I have now...two pictures for you to see



Yea. now have some fum....er fun.

2002-08-03 06:39:26 ET

very nice!
i see some dreads and braids mixed in there

2002-08-03 08:38:26 ET

you'z a sexy wexy mama, ya dammmmmmmn r1ght

2002-08-03 14:09:08 ET

isn't it hard for your man to sexily run his fingers through your hair? ;-P

2002-08-03 17:47:50 ET

Yep I was going for a really synthetic look.
Rexlace, braids, heavily melted dreads, and twisted
braids. Also some little star beads.

Yes furax it is hard for him to do that, but honestly
he really doesn t play with my hair much anyways. :(

And thank you for the comment, Suicide

2002-08-04 01:52:12 ET

he doesn't play with your hair? *gasp* i play with every part hehe

2002-08-04 05:18:19 ET

where do you get rexlace from?
I always tell people who want to touch my head in that sex-ay way when I am wearing fake hair to scoop their hand under, where it is shaved, and touch that.

2002-08-04 11:40:46 ET

eew furax!
he should deffinately play with my hair more when
its down...in fact you should go tell him. And
tell him to buy me some flowers, and chocolate, and
some new clothes...heheh

Syko, I bought my rexlace at hobby lobby. Its
rather cheap there.
I could probably get it cheaper online,
but most my hair designs are spur of the
moment and I can just run down the road
and get whatever I want. oh and occaisionally
find something else I might want for the hair or home.

Yea and I too love havin my shaved head rubbed...oohhh and
when Pete kisses the back of my head...OH YA! huh huh

2002-08-04 17:03:21 ET

i like it when people rub my head too...it's great! :-D
little pleasures
...some people mistake me being nice as passive/submissive...uh, i'm just being nice...

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