2002-04-19 09:28:41 ET

So I joined... Why? Not quite sure. I guess I m going to meet some new people. That could be fun. My boi toy also signed up. http://www.subkultures.net/PeterGraves He is a digital artist. Why am I talking about him when I should be telling you about myself or life? Because he is my life. Anyway. more later.

2002-04-19 10:18:09 ET

you are a rivetchick?
what bands you into?

2002-04-19 10:23:05 ET

hey yo, what's up? just wanted to say hi...and that b&w picture you have as your avatar rocks

2002-04-23 11:50:41 ET

I just wanted to say hi too. Your boyfriend is going to make some art out of my pictures :)

2002-04-23 11:50:50 ET

p.s you are very pretty

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