Yea! Where I ll be at tonight!
2002-08-11 14:34:37 ET

We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.

More Machine Than Man

Date: Sunday, August 11, 2002
Time: 9:00PM - 1:00AM CDT (GMT-05:00)

More Machine Than Man @ Radio Radio
1119 E Prospect St Indianapolis, In

<More Machine Than Man>
Electro Fetish
Modern Industrial

check out their press:

Sunday August 11th
Doors open at 9:00 band starts between 10-10:15
Industrial/Gothic dance music before and after.
$5 cover

an afterdark production

2002-08-11 14:50:24 ET

i dislike more machine then man...they are not good... ::shrug::
i have a cd of theirs that i got for free though...

2002-08-11 16:59:59 ET

well you suck then. I actaully have never seen them.
Downloaded their music quite a long time it then.
Now I gotta see them live. :)

2002-08-11 17:02:00 ET

they actually put on an aesthetically decent show

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