heheh...I really don t know what the hell I m doing!!!
2002-08-11 17:06:30 ET

God I hope I don t look stupid.
I did a little experimenting with my make-up tonight...

I guess I ll leave now...

2002-08-11 17:11:56 ET

who cares if you look stupid? hehe...i've done plenty of dumb ass face painting :-P
...just tell people it's cool and they'll believe you, ok? hehe

2002-08-11 20:58:11 ET

Ya, I was totally going for the puppy dog look...or maybe the anime
someone punched me in the eye look...

2002-08-12 10:17:44 ET

my friend hits up the clubs with no makeup except for one blacked out eye, and she is mad pimpin.

2002-08-12 10:57:08 ET

sweet! where are you located?
I was really trimg to avoid the whole goth look.
ya know what i mean...the little squiglies and black tears.

2002-08-12 11:20:53 ET

im in los angeles, and i frequent most so. cal industrial clubs.

one of my favorate clubs here, has NO AIR CONDITIONING. so about 1/5th into the night youre already dripping with sweat. it really sucks because i have to dress a certain way to be able to dance and not look like a dying animal. all black (so no funky sweat stains), barely any makeup (or else youll look like a crackhead about the second song in), and hair up in a pony tail with a short fall (or else it will be matted to your face). STINK!

2002-08-12 12:27:21 ET

but the crackhead look can be appealing :-P

2002-08-12 18:50:09 ET

Ya, I love the crack head look!
Well here in indiana...no-one ever dresses fun.
I like to go all out. Think of new things to wear
or make to wear. Meanwhile everyone else is happy
with puchasing over the counter style. :( I wish
I had someone hear to "compete" with. I love playing
dress up. Always have since I was little.
Lived in a fantasy world. Now I like to bring it back.

2002-08-12 18:53:36 ET

i used to do some wacky makeup stuff...
here is an example:

2002-08-12 18:55:24 ET

Now thats crazy! I like what your doing with your mouth.
thats funny!
*Grrr! I m funny and stuff*

2002-08-12 19:00:58 ET

more craziness:

by the way...these are all done only using eyeliner

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