2002-08-12 09:36:47 ET

So I went to a baby shower yesterday for my cousin. This is what my sister gave me. Just because.


IS that CRAP!?! Coming out of his BUTT!?!

Dear GOD!!! IT IS!!! There ya go folks.
I have seen these in the packaging...but they are so...much more...fun OUT of it.

Oh look! Its a dragon spoon! She got it from IKEA.

Oh look! A nose ring...just like MEEEE!!!!

2002-08-12 09:39:42 ET

hmm.. nice cow you got there.. and the spoon looks like something from the Spanish Inquisition

2002-08-12 09:39:59 ET

oh god those things are so weird....... they sell lots of them at hot topic

2002-08-12 09:45:04 ET

Chas got one of those dispensers but it was of a moose and it came with light or dark brown jelly beans... mmm.. jelly beans....

I like the dragon spoon. I might go to the Ikea near my work and see if they have them.

2002-08-12 09:47:26 ET

ya, she bought me extra beans so it could look like it has the runs.

2002-08-12 09:48:36 ET

yummy corn coloured ones.

2002-08-12 09:50:32 ET

ha ha! yeppers!
Im just eating them out of the bag now.
Oh and I guess she bought hers at toys r us.
called my mom from PA just to go buy them out
here too. Gives em out like candy...

2002-08-12 09:55:14 ET

I think that's where Chas got hers from... I know it wasn't from Hot Topic 'cause we don't have any up here.

2002-08-12 13:01:33 ET

a jelly bean pooping cow! haha that's great! ;-D

2002-08-12 18:53:43 ET

ya...his beans are all gone now. :(
I will have to get more.

2002-08-12 18:54:40 ET

you ate it's jelly bean poo?! ha! sounds kinda gross doesn't it?

2002-08-12 18:56:24 ET

yes. so does the yellow and green ones...
use you imagination on that

2002-08-12 19:02:26 ET

ewww! thanks for the image!

2002-08-14 10:29:34 ET

Ha Ha...what? did I say something?

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