Cats are so graceful
2002-08-24 09:05:17 ET

So I am sitting on the computer loging onto...Here.
When My cat goes whizzing by kinda flinging herself as she goes.
I thought she was just being her normal skitzo self when she careened
back into the bathroom slamming into the wall. Thats when I saw it.
This stringy turd hanging off her backside. I jumped out of
my chair and grabbed her by her scruff before she smeared it all over
my bathroom floor. I slammed both doors closed and while I
grabbed some TP off the roll she preceeded to run around the bathroom in circles. I
cleaned her off and let her go. The entire time I could not stop laughing.

The end

2002-08-24 16:07:19 ET

haha! that's a funny image haha...kind of gross too...little cat turds eww!

2002-08-24 20:35:46 ET

ya, I know. its gross, but it was fucking hilarious.
After the fact she kinda sulked around like she was

2002-08-24 20:40:13 ET

haha that's too cute...still funny

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