2002-04-24 18:53:20 ET

I love this photo

Of course a cute one.


I wanted to put up a buch of me being silly.
It is so hard to be serious.

My saltwater tank

2002-04-24 19:31:25 ET

is that aquarium an eclipse? hehehehe

I can't have saltwater, I can't even keep goldfish alive. *sniffle*

2002-04-24 20:13:50 ET

ooh purdy pictures! :-P

2002-04-24 21:14:30 ET

Nope its a 30 gl tank, just a regualr one. if you need help with fish you in the right spot.

2002-04-29 12:48:44 ET

I like your photos, I liked your look.

2002-04-29 14:57:51 ET

man i need to grow my hair in so i can have extensions an' stuff. Your hair is awesome

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