2002-08-28 21:42:09 ET

Good morning every body!
I finall got done with my extentions.
While at work today one of the managers(which I hate)
commented on my hair. "Oh look! I t looks like My
Little Pony hair!"
No it wasn t a compliment. She was trying make it
sound like one but it was meant as an insult. I
may sound paranoid, but I work with this girl everyday
and I know how she works. Well that is she doesn t.
Oh and she had the gall to try and switch me hours
cause she was sick...she has a cold. :| Who the hell
can t work retail with a cold? ITS A COLD!!! Fucking
blow your nose and take some damn pills and GET OUT OF
MY FACE!!! I am not going to go any further with this.

2002-08-28 21:44:15 ET

you sound angry.

maybe you need a hug.

*calls 1-800-give-hug and sends one over*

2002-08-28 21:44:27 ET

$5 and she's dead! ;-P

2002-08-28 22:57:00 ET

yeah i am plagued by back-handed compliments re: my stupid hair.

a few days ago i went into the gas station mini mart for a drink and the old guy is all HOL-EEEE SHIT, BITCH'S GOT SNAKES ON 'ER HEAD!@#$*@(#$

then he saw my face, recognised me, and shut up because my dad has been going there for like 15 years and could kick his ass

shit, i could kick his ass.


2002-08-28 23:20:47 ET

wait, you have snakes on your head?

2002-08-29 03:02:49 ET

*laughs looking at the desk and surrounding implements*

jesus ayn when most people smoke pot they get relaxed...that was a very angery rant...

you know if you weaved razor blades into the extensions you too might be able to scare people more...just suck trying to sleep with it in....especially for me and who ever rustloads significant other is...see you guys don't understand the pain and suffering it causes us...i get a face full of hair all over my pillow, and there's no avoiding seeks out the most annoying place to lay and lays there...sometimes i swear its trying to choke me...

2002-08-29 07:04:29 ET

oh ya razor blades...thats a good it wasn t.
Usually I get nice compilments but I m tied of peoples saying:
"Wow, I could NEVER do THAT!" Um ya you could, its easy.

2002-08-29 12:11:30 ET

[meh heh, i have that stitch, he's soooo cute!!]

2002-08-29 18:46:31 ET

I LOVE my Stitches.
He is the bestest.
Peter9my boi) gave him to me.

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