2002-09-05 20:26:48 ET

17 days until mu birthday!!!

I ll be 23...IM SO OLD AND STUFF!!!!

2002-09-05 20:34:19 ET

You're not old.

2002-09-05 21:08:07 ET

my 23rd b-day is in december :-P

2002-09-06 05:51:37 ET

ha ha! your a youngin!

2002-09-06 12:32:19 ET

sounds like a good age to be.

2002-09-07 22:48:56 ET

heil eris

2002-09-08 04:36:18 ET

? your weird.
or your just bored.

2002-09-09 03:20:03 ET

Eris is the goddess of discord and chaos, her religion/joke is called discordianism, which i, nate, john, chad and a few others are members....along with about .5 million other people across the globe....23 is a holy number to discordians, IE why i heiled ERIS...

2002-09-09 06:29:30 ET

AHHH! cool!
Im gonna be a holy number!
Blah, blah Im gonna be a holy number! Blah!
Im gonna be a holy number!nyah nyah!

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