2002-09-08 18:56:54 ET

Im tired and hed achy.

I am also tired of my boifriend, who likes to talk
to grrls that look, act and dress a LITTLE too
much like me.
I will kill them.

2002-09-08 19:11:17 ET

I feel your pain...my girlfriend does that too. jealousy is horrible, but sometimes you just can't help it. The thought of losing someone so important to you is a horrible thought.

2002-09-08 19:11:18 ET

ooh...that's not cool :-\

2002-09-09 06:33:06 ET

Blah, he is dumb.
And this so called grrl, lives in the
same state he is from. Grrr

2002-09-09 15:39:54 ET

d00d just lay down the law before a little thing becomes a bigger thing.

2002-09-10 07:46:40 ET

heheh, ya!
Actually its someone he just talks to here on the site.
It just weirded me out cause like I said: grrls that look
act and dress a LITTLE too much like me.

2002-09-26 03:37:19 ET

*shakes his head, quite unsure what to say*
on one hand i'm happy to see you care about me enough to be jealous, but its stupid and harmless, just another horror punk that i can make stupid zombie jokes with....

you get along better with guys and have guy friends...i'm getting used to that...you'll have to get used to me ignoring gender when i talk to people....

sorry it makes you so uncomfortable, thats the last thing i wanted to cause....

2002-09-26 06:44:51 ET

I will kill you then...

2002-09-27 03:00:40 ET


2002-09-27 08:04:33 ET

mwa ha ha ha ha ha.
~munch munch munch~

2002-09-27 12:24:19 ET

*runs screaming from the munch munch*

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