2002-04-29 18:26:05 ET

Oh and I gave my self a haircut Friday.Yea!


2002-04-29 18:57:27 ET

Hard to cut the back of your own hair, VERY NICE!

2002-04-29 19:04:17 ET

It is...originally I had my boi shave it and I just
keep it up with a double mirror. It can be hard working
in reverse, but i go real slow and have actually straighted
up where Peter did it crooked.

Oh and the hardest part of it all...
taking the picture!

2002-04-29 19:24:35 ET

bzzzzzzz!!!!! yay! it's all about the fuzz y0!!!

2002-04-29 20:25:37 ET


2002-04-30 03:19:55 ET

it wasn't that crooked....seriously

2002-04-30 08:51:24 ET

Yes it was...

2002-04-30 12:06:47 ET

nothing like a buzzed head that says 'summer!' :)

2002-04-30 19:28:20 ET

Now I'm startin to missed my old buzzed head... then again... all that drippin sweat... I like yours though. Bravo!

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