2002-10-04 23:41:51 ET

Well Niki told me about this place that was opening here in Indy.
As a promo they offered free piercings if you bought the jewelry.
She came by work today and really wanted me to come and even offered
to loan me the money for the stuff.~HUGS!~
Anyways I couldn t decide what I wanted to get done at first, but then
I went ahead and got both my nostrils done! Yea! I really don t feel like
relaying the whole story but here are some photos.

Me Before! I m so happy...or something

Niki waiting for help.

Niki...just waiting...

The guy that took photos...I don t know his name :(





The place was quite busy and we had to wait a just little bit(3 hours),
but the guys were totally stoked about having to do something else other
than a tongue or a navel. After I was done the piercer made us sit back
on the couch and then flip him off while he took a photo. "Look mean and stuff!"
Heheh it was rather funny.

Love and Kisses

2002-10-04 23:48:06 ET

You got both nostrils and she got a nostril and a tragus? I can't tell if that's her tragus or not but sure looks like it. Fun, fun. Getting a new piercing is a wonderful rush. Addictive.

2002-10-04 23:50:33 ET

OH ME OH MY WHAT PAIN! I once had my brother slip and a butter knife peirce my scrotum...what a fun day that was :|

2002-10-04 23:53:13 ET

For free? You lucky dog you!
heh I bet that hurt more than ice could help you

2002-10-04 23:54:18 ET

It's funny, around my area if you ask for something other than a labret you have thirty needles poised in extasy.

2002-10-04 23:57:27 ET

All those damn teeny boppers and their belly buttons!

When I got my nipples pierced all the girlies in the shop freaked out. It's a needle, it goes through the skin, it will feel better


2002-10-05 00:01:07 ET

Had piercings, bullring lip, eyebrow and even had three on the jawline, got tired of them. But I still love and need more tatoos.

2002-10-05 00:08:05 ET

just got a new tattoo, want another so I feel that

I don't like going through the pain of a piercing just to take it out later........... my orbital took over a year to heal (it looks awesone now) but I stuck with it because DAMMIT! I spent that time, money and energy nursing that little piercing into what it is today.

2002-10-05 00:29:56 ET

*stab* :-)

2002-10-05 03:19:26 ET

*tattoo's are good*

aynie's turn next!!!!!!
hey if i give you money next pay check, are you ready to get those stars....

2002-10-05 07:28:52 ET

Peter: YES YES YES!!!! and stop posting pictures on MY stuff!...Just kidding.~smooch~
Um I wouldn t mind seeing everyones elses though!!!

Starrynight: she just got her tragus...she gave me all the
money she had...she was so awesome of her to do so and I will get her back tenfold. I am thinking about my nipples, but I don t know if I could do it. Too Much Hurting~

PenguinProdigy: DOOd that SUCKS! Ouch, ouch, oooie, ouch. I hope it was free.

2002-10-05 10:09:52 ET

Ok, gotya


both Tragus (mine are big enough for double so that's another project)
both nipples

Star-tribal on my chest
small symbol for crow between my shoulderblades

What star tattoos are you getting if you don't mind me asking?
Tattoos are like piercings, once you have one you always want more. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees.........

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