2002-10-08 11:01:34 ET

Peter(Graves) and I, found out last night that a friend(Justin) of ours tried to commit suicide.
He was released from the hospital and is ok.

2002-10-08 11:06:01 ET

That's never good news to hear. A friend of mine tried suicide with drugs last year. Since then he has'nt really been able to get his life together...

2002-10-08 11:07:10 ET


2002-10-08 15:28:46 ET

Well he is ok.
I just got back from seeing him and he was more concerned
about the cops searching his place than anything else.
He is all upbeat and stuff. He told the doctors
that he was doing it while he beat off....he is such
a freek.

2002-10-08 18:46:36 ET

suicide sucks

2002-10-08 19:18:15 ET

Well all is good. He had us take photos of his staples in his head and the mark around his neck. Asphexia(sp)

2002-10-08 19:20:31 ET


2002-10-09 19:52:50 ET

I'm sorry

2002-10-10 05:59:51 ET

this could be disturbing...but so am i, and so is he...

he did it because his heart is broken and he can't talk about it seriously, he did it because he's depressed and he did it because he lives for love, he's more real than most of us, his pain is just what he lives for....as i right this i wonder if he's trying it again...i wish i had the salve to ease his wounds but i'm just a catalyst and what he needs is a place and a grrl and a groove...lets just focus on him getting it...

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