2002-10-16 09:54:29 ET


2002-10-16 10:30:39 ET

i fucking love them, i really do!

2002-10-16 16:01:17 ET


they look very cool.

2002-10-16 19:18:26 ET

i like the spider web design inside :-)

2002-10-17 03:16:14 ET

i have a huge spider web on my right arm..i like spider stuff tattooos..sigh

2002-10-17 03:59:39 ET

They re all itchy and flaky now...:(
I m not scratching though!

2002-10-17 10:52:17 ET

good just apply some a and d

2002-10-17 18:33:39 ET

and wash it a lot too.... don't let that goo dry on there or it will flake and scab.

I personally think it looks hawt. Good choice.

2002-10-18 05:45:18 ET

Heheh, thanks everybody. Most of the scabs are gone now.

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