2002-10-20 06:26:53 ET

So I am just obsessed with hair...if you haven t noticed.
Every once in awhile I go and check out the Hair EZBoard:
Sometimes it is great, but other times it just sucks.
I check out the show off section to see if I can get any new ideas.
Well one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when I see this:
She says: "once again i have to marvel at how hard it is to take decent pictures of your own hair"
All I have to say is: "well you seem to be a bit preoccupied with trying to get a good picture of your face...maybe thats your problem."
If your trying to take photos of your hair, your face DOESN T have to be in it. TURN AROUND!

2002-10-20 06:52:37 ET

I think the problem is that rustload only has herself to take the pic, and it's rather hard to hold a webcam to take a shot and not face the keyboard / monitor to ensure the image will come out...

2002-10-20 07:06:20 ET

ya but you can still do it, I know its possible.
and Im not picking on her. I see it ALL the time all over the board and the other thing I REALLY hate.
"oooh I just look so HORRIBLE in this photo"
yet they have perfect eyebrows/skin/makeup etc etc etc.
THAT one really pisses me off.
I just want to look at hair I guess...:(

2002-10-20 18:04:02 ET

hair? (o_O)

2002-10-20 20:01:12 ET

I have always wondered if I took people forever to do hair like that and if so do they do it themselves or have someone do it for them? Like those dreddie-yarn-rubber hair stuff.

Oh I am so blissfully ignorant! Teach me O wise one!

2002-10-20 22:35:25 ET

haha! go to that link above and from there at the top of the page is a link to a hair website. VERY good place to start.
I do mine my self, and I do other peolpes. depending on what you are doing will effect time. It only takes a few hours for me to braid my hair...but I also have an undercut.

Furax: HAIR PORN!!!

2002-10-21 03:27:55 ET

hair porn?! oh my! :-X

2002-10-21 12:42:42 ET

Hair porn? Whoohoo-hoo! I guess we all know what get's yout hot and bothered in the middle of the night and it's not Peter! *blushes*

I did go there and holy shit! How come I have to work at a lame-ass job where I can only get away with so much? Makes we wonder what people do for a living, yourself included my dear.

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