Anyone in PA?
2002-10-21 09:16:07 ET

So I am going to go see my sister graduate college.
I will be in Pennsylvania from the 14-16.
While there I want to check out the Mutter awesome! its a medical museum and it is filled with the skellytons of freeks! My favorite skellyton is the one of
a fetus of conformed twins that shared one skull,Craniopagus.
I want one!

I love this kind of stuff. It so educational...HEY! I like stuff like that ok. Anyways, they have things like cross sections of human bodies, brains and then medical examples of parts of the body peeled back to expose each idividual pieces of a persons abdomen. Damn thats great. oh one more exibit I wanna see is the one that they did of a nervous system. They painstakeningly removed all the brain and the nerves from someone. heheh. yes.
Anyways. I don t quite know where I am going to be in PA yet. I hope to check out the scene at least once or twice.

2002-10-21 16:07:00 ET

medical models are yummy ;-P

...i hope you have fun in penn.

2002-10-22 20:26:39 ET

i went to the mutter museum a few months ago: it was a whole lot of fun: the downstairs is where all the best stuff is: if you're into seeing lots of abnormally formed dead babies in fomaldahyde then you'll really enjoy it: theres lot sof really cool stuff to look at: like they made something of a flip book out of this ladies head: you can't quite flip through it as it's encased in glass jars behind glass doors but you'll get the idea:

2002-10-22 20:28:05 ET

oh and one thing i thought was particularly cool about the skeleton you have a pic of there: is that it has one symmetrical ear on the back of it's head: i was really amused by that:

2002-10-22 20:29:30 ET

heheh, thats pretty cool...i am definately VERY excited about going. I hope I get there ok...grrr

2002-10-22 20:32:47 ET

i'm sure you will make it ok: you must because otherwise you won't get to see the best dead babies in the world: =)

2002-10-22 20:36:48 ET

Thats kinda the funny thing...I m also afraid im going to get sick.
heh, that would suck. I m more into the skullies than anything else...and the whole educational think(bleh :P I m a dork)
What ear? I think thats the front!

2002-10-23 10:50:36 ET

heh: that is the front: but i remember seeing that little skeleton when i went to the museum a few months ago: it's hard to forget a lot of the stuff you see there: every "specimen" has a little descriptiion in front of it describing what the condition each one had was: it's all really interesting: and the last thing on the description for the head with two bodies was that it had a symmetrical ear on the back of its head: it's hard to see from the case it's in but if you duck down and angle yourself right you can see it: it's tre nifty: heh: and i was worried about possibly getting sick too, but the thing is that once you see everything you notice that none of it really looks real cause it's all been sitting in formaldahyde for years: and the dried bodies they have hanging up look more like paper mache [sp?] than anything:

2002-10-23 17:31:36 ET

Ahh~ ok that make sense.
Thats kinda reminde me of myself for a minute.
Spouting forth information. heheh

2002-10-23 18:29:40 ET

when i get goin on something i find interesting it's kinda hard to get me to shutup: heheh:

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