2002-10-31 06:15:22 ET

I helped a friend make herself some dreads the other day.
I thought they turned out great. A couple of grrls on the hair board say they looked good lumpy...thanks. :|

For work on Sunday we all got to dress up...I decided I wanted to be Rob Zombie. I didn t get any digital photos
of the costume but I took some of my hair AFTER I went out that night.

Living Dead Zombie Grrl:

When they were all down in my face with a the top hat on...they looked great!

2002-10-31 06:42:46 ET


2002-10-31 06:59:00 ET

oh my
those dreads are lovely

2002-10-31 07:07:51 ET

More Human Than Human!

2002-10-31 12:56:19 ET

looks fun! :-P

2002-11-01 07:03:27 ET

Thank You Mavetgoth and Pixi.
Furax...hair is God.
I would think you would have known that by now.
Its better than sex.
OH my single obsession! How to I wear the'
uhh...did I write all that out. Gawd! I m a nerd. : |

2002-11-01 09:59:18 ET

hahaha. hair is better than sex. fuck yes.

2002-11-01 16:18:55 ET

nice dreads on your friend

2002-11-01 20:14:15 ET

are you like, a dreadlocks expert?
if so i got a couple of questions

2002-11-01 21:22:48 ET

PM me

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