2002-11-01 08:41:38 ET

I love Miz Zayn

I failed ALL foreign languages

2002-11-01 08:54:27 ET

heh heh heh heh

It's miz zayn, actually. In Hebrew, it's the opposite way around, that is , Orange Juice would be miz tapuzim.. Sorta like saying The Juice of Oranges or something.

2002-11-01 16:17:27 ET

me fail english

2002-11-04 08:22:44 ET

im horrible at other languages...even though i know a few choice phrases from here and there. ive never been able to learn a whole entire language.

2002-11-04 12:45:28 ET

burn, "that's unpossible!"

...what exactly does Miz Zayn mean?

2002-11-04 14:40:07 ET

dick juice...

2002-11-04 14:51:22 ET

haha really?! that's funny

2002-11-04 17:41:09 ET

I had NO idea!

2002-11-05 07:18:52 ET

*lows head in disgrace* shouldn't have toldja ;)

2002-11-05 17:53:58 ET

heheh its funny!!!

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