I really don t know what to say about this one...
2002-11-06 20:07:49 ET

It neat!...yet strangely...freeky.



2002-11-06 20:19:12 ET

i think it's actually kinda sexy (on that model, at least)

2002-11-06 20:27:31 ET

man skirt? ok...i don't know if i'd wear skirts even if i was a girl

2002-11-07 11:55:19 ET

That is so gay.

2002-11-07 12:02:58 ET


2002-11-07 12:06:38 ET


2002-11-07 13:36:46 ET


2002-11-07 20:04:22 ET

kilts are better

2002-11-08 03:16:19 ET

they sell them...DID you see them!!!!
Acy=tually there is one skirt I
reall y like. its all black with
3 leather/vinyl? strap on the waist.

2002-11-10 22:51:24 ET

Where do you find this shit anyhow?
Did you see the one with the "Skin Patch"? Interesting.
I have to talk to my sister now, she's does trendy european fashion design and I want to know if that is something that is truely Coming to America....... oooooh Jake in a skirt? I made him wear my thong once. Sexxxxy!

2002-11-11 05:09:02 ET

skin patch!?!?!?!
I ll have to go look!

2002-11-11 12:39:07 ET

furry, yet sexy. Rub it on me baby!

2002-11-11 13:45:51 ET

I saw it, It totally rocked!

2002-11-12 17:32:21 ET


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