My trip
2002-11-18 07:15:29 ET

Everything is coming together for my trip to West chester/Philly.
My mom is flying and my dad and I are driving...this is
going to be weird. I haven t been on a long trip with
my myself since I was 10. He took me to stay
with my grandmother for a week. Come to think of it...I
don t know why they took me there...thats weird...
Mystery. I wish Peter could come...I want him there sooo
bad. I hate leaving him and Morrey and Koneko.

My uncle is letting us borrow his cadillac, but I m not allowed to drive it. That pisses me off. I m 23 years old. I haven t been in an accident since I was 17. I m a freeking adult and he can t trust me to drive. Granted its
a brand new car....but isn t that what insurance is for?
That means I have like, one maybe two days to figure out how
to use the bus system, if I want to go out...that is if
there is one in West Chester...or I ll have to go with my
Oh well, maybe I ll just dress as freaky as possible and go
to New york and philly with my family and maybe even china
town. heh, that could be fun...
On another note. Peter gave me some reeses pieces last
night....I am going to eat them now.

2002-11-18 07:25:15 ET

woo hoo! check out the regional line. you should be able to get to Philly on that. not the fastest trip, but it'll get you there. once you're in the city it's easy to get around. drop me a line when you get to town. :)

2002-11-18 09:26:06 ET

You should send me names and address of clubs or shops I should check out.

2002-11-18 19:15:46 ET

my friend is supposed to be having his b-day in westchester...i'm not going because it's on a bad day for me...damn travel time and work...

...and i could definately tell you some places to check out in NY if you're heading here too...

2002-11-21 05:28:51 ET

when are ya gonna be in the nyc area? maybe we can all get together: not like we don't almost every weekend anyway: heh:

2002-11-21 18:23:20 ET

dec 15th ish

2002-11-21 19:31:14 ET

Johnny from Type O has a Led Zep cover band with some high school buddies. They play in Brooklyn pretty often. I think he might be out on the road with Danzig in Dec, but I'll check to see if his Zep band is playing when you're out this way.

2002-11-21 20:33:51 ET

honestly i never really know whats happening that far in advance, but perhaps we could get something in tha werks:

2002-11-22 02:41:05 ET

that would totally ROCK!!!
My dad doesn t want to leave
until friday(13) but I wanna
leave on Thurday. That way I ll
have that extra day to play. Eee!

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