2003-01-25 09:30:10 ET

I am addicted.
Peter and I somehow fucked the game up though...I don t
know if we hit a bad patch or something(I have no idea about computers)
I tried playing Hot Date, but when I went downtown it all
started messing up.
Also I wanna make my own skins...don t know how to find that
I usually hate games...cause I SUCK at them, but this one is
Okay I need to go get ready for work.

2003-01-25 10:38:05 ET

i love the Sims. my friend borrowed my copy and she's had it for 6 months. have to get that back.

2003-01-25 10:47:58 ET

my sims had a baby.....and you know how long it takes a baby to grow up, and if you dont immediately move to it when it cries, services take the baby away, well the first time the kid grew up, the comp froze....2nd time, again, 3rd time...again, the 4th time i saved just before it froze....took forfuckingever

2003-01-25 11:25:13 ET

i believe Chastity is quite a Sims freak too...ask her maybe?

2003-01-25 11:26:16 ET

her and umm PunkMcPin are major sim freaks

2003-01-26 08:24:39 ET

whoa...a baby...that would be hard enough trying to keep their own bladders controlled.

2003-01-26 09:41:13 ET

the bladder thing is okay with me, i have a machine thing that revitalizes them completely so i dont hafta cook or anything so it's cool. It was really hard to make them fall in love...then they had a baby, and when the baby cries you hafta be right there to make them stop or services will take the kid away. Mine finally grew up

2003-01-26 12:01:50 ET

i like making lesbians :-D

2003-01-26 21:09:41 ET

i'm a horrible sim services took all my babies away haha

2003-01-26 21:52:38 ET

its sad...i have a son now, he's grown

2003-01-26 22:01:41 ET

Hey, mine won't be lesbians!

2003-01-28 05:35:21 ET

What is this sooo called machine?...I WANT ONE!

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