Blah, blah, blah
2002-05-28 07:33:47 ET

Hello everybody!
I am back Yea!
I have had a good weekend...
If you read Peter s page you would see
what we did on Friday. If you don t then I
will tell you. I did mushrooms for the very
first time. It...was...interesting. I
couldn t stop talking the entire night. I was
a running facet of conversation...can you imagine?
The next day we went to a friends house for a cook
out. I had gained a name the last time I was around
fire, so they tried to keep anything that could be
used as a poking stick away from me.
ME = "the coals need to be stirred"
Them = "NOOOO!"
Non fire tenders just don t understand me.

I was told to expect a package in the mail from the
Disney store...

This is the cutest creature I have EVER seen.
His name is Stitch, Experiment 626 and I love
Peter can t keep secrets so he ended up telling
me about it. YEA!

2002-05-28 07:53:01 ET

ha that is cute....does it say "Keep away from heat or flame" on the tag?

2002-05-28 08:07:54 ET

...I don t know yet.

2002-05-28 08:09:24 ET

ah, well you should check that out then i think ;-P

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