2002-05-28 08:11:38 ET

My cat is fluffing my leg....why?

2002-05-28 08:14:05 ET

"fluffing"? haha...ummm, maybe it's horney?

2002-05-28 08:15:32 ET

yes as if it was a pillow...or a blanket.
Now she is laying on my lap.
I don t think she is horny
just tired

2002-05-28 08:17:24 ET

oh ok...maybe i'm just a freak for associating cats and sexual behavior....uh...i could have made that comment so much worse haha...oh well..

2002-05-28 08:31:07 ET

yes, yes, you could...please leave my pussy out of your
nasty comments. She doesn t like it when people are
mean to her.

2002-05-28 08:39:45 ET

:-O you said it not me! :-O

2002-05-28 08:53:36 ET

Cats make me sneeze! *crys*

2002-05-28 09:45:29 ET

my cat enjoys it when I go on the computer...she likes to just lay on my hand when its still attached to the mouse...thats cats for you

2002-05-28 11:16:02 ET

right on...I had a cat that would chase the characters on tv.

2002-05-28 11:32:25 ET

cats are so weird

2002-05-28 11:38:43 ET

yeah..lol...hey u gott an aim account?

2002-05-28 12:19:57 ET

i am jeepjulie8

2002-05-28 12:28:17 ET


2002-05-28 13:14:26 ET

Miz, they're using your journal to get it on! :-x

2002-05-28 14:12:27 ET

thats just great.
You mention pussy and everyone goes wild.

2002-05-28 14:17:26 ET

hey, you said it! haha

2002-05-28 19:18:03 ET

Did I say something funny...
~is confused~

2002-05-28 19:24:18 ET

::wink:: ;-P

2002-06-04 00:11:37 ET

*shakes his head*

she wants milk from your leg, dear, our cats not the brightest

2002-06-04 10:28:02 ET

no thats not it. I think she was trying to make it more comfy.

2002-06-04 21:09:17 ET

oh my!

2002-06-08 22:01:20 ET

I remember back when my cat used to do cute things...
I hate nostalgia.

Heh... it's fun and cute when they do it when you have some clothing covering the area, but one time my cat did it to my chest... ouch...

I thought the action was referred to as "kneading," like with dough.

My cat ignores me now... most of the time... although one time I decided to sleep face down in the kitchen and she fell asleep on my lower back. My mom came in and woke us up. The cat freaked out. I was annoyed. It was warm and comfy... Major killjoy. Dammit.

2002-06-11 22:22:15 ET

She has to be part of the group unit...ALWAYS!
Koneko is a year old and every time I go
from one room into another, she always folllows.

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