2003-03-07 19:05:27 ET

What happened to Syko and Moxie?

2003-03-07 19:07:30 ET

I don't know, what happened to us? :)

2003-03-07 19:12:39 ET

well I couldn t find your pages...
it looks like your here though

2003-03-07 19:16:14 ET

I didn't go anywhere ;)

2003-03-08 01:22:28 ET

...they're both here. (o_O)

i think you got confused...are you on any medication? ;-P

2003-03-08 16:35:20 ET

yes...no no...i mean no...

2003-03-10 05:02:17 ET

noooo, I am not.

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