I see pee.
2003-04-01 19:22:50 ET

Peter is sick again....I can t hear it when he sleeps.....I think I m going to go sleep myself. I wish he could not be
sick....I feel helpless to help him. :(
I get to braid some friends hair....he is paying my $50
to braid his grrls hair...I think I am going to but
Insane Clown Posse tickets.....yes....thats what I said.
ICP.....I am going...and I want to go.....I m sick.
Some one shoot me!

2003-04-01 19:42:38 ET

get better soon

2003-04-01 19:59:18 ET

Awesome. One of my ten million dreams is to design clothing. And I do, to an extent. I...um. Draw them out. But I never really go through with it. lol. You're absolutely el supremo cool indeed. I will add you as a buddy, if it's not a bother to you.

2003-04-02 15:47:34 ET

no bother at all!

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