I hate gun porn
2002-06-08 19:13:10 ET

Even when its anime gun porn

2002-06-08 19:15:38 ET

Yes. Not very atractive.

2002-06-08 19:46:37 ET

gun porn? As in forced sex at the end of a gun or masturbating with a gun? Either way... (shudder)

2002-06-08 22:02:35 ET


2002-06-09 02:03:43 ET

yeah..i once saw this anime with a guy shoving a gun into a girlies hoo hoo...i was like "that's not safe sex"

2002-06-09 11:26:56 ET

Especially if it was loaded.

2002-06-09 11:33:42 ET

ESPECIALLY if it was anime.

2002-06-09 11:37:28 ET

At least it wasn't more goddam tentacles.

2002-06-09 11:39:11 ET

Exactly what I was just thinking...

2002-06-11 22:18:08 ET

Gun porn is action films.
Really loud with a lot of guns!

2002-06-12 01:29:27 ET

Aha. Idunno. Sometimes their amusing.

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