Whoa, the longest I ve ever been not updating.
2003-06-25 07:33:40 ET

I just copied and pasted this from "SOMEWHERE" else.

and just to update you on what it is all about:
Peter lost his job on Monday...I have one, but only work
20ish hrs a week....my sister is still getting married in
august and My cousin moved back here from Eugene, Oregon.

I just want a freeking job...
I searched Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com...nothing.
It s all these fucked up jobs that I have no experiance
What the FUCK!!!!
This is all so very dis-hearting. Work said they could
give me 5 more hrs a week...
that make it 25. whoot..............
Ugh...I really shouldn t be listening to Portishead...or Poe....ummm they are not very uplifting.
The only reason I m sitting here right now is because Peter isleeping.
I have no idea how late he stayed up. He told me we were going job searching today...great.


Oh great now Enigma....who the HELL created this playlist!?!?!?

On a happier note....
My sister s bachelorette party is this weeekend....
Here are the plans.

Go to broadripple at 730pm, her friend lives right on college...not far from The Vogue.
Get drunk and practice our skits before she arrives(around1030ish). Yes I said skits......
Laura(my sister) arrives
Walk to the bars
Dance and Drink
Walk home and crash
Wake up early and go to...
TURKEY RUN STATE PARK!!!!! This is the best part.....
Rent canoes or inner tubes.
drift slowing down the river...or paddle down it!
hike.....eat....go home.
Do skits.....
Ya see, most of my sisters old friends she met at a grrl scout camp.
It was a Drama camp.
so we have to do skits about our fondest memories of my sister....
ya, right...all I could think about was when we shared a room
and we were arguing one night before we went to sleep..it as dark....and I just
happened to hit her when I threw the trophy across the room.....heheh....
So I don t think I ll be doing a skit....heheh...thats so funny.
I m happy now :)

So anyways, I am just really excited about the whole rafting thingy. I have no bathing suit....well one...
a bikini....I tried it on and I just felt super uncomfortable...and I m "goth" so a bright blue teeny
tiny bikini just isn t me. and I m super pale...and I KNOW everyone will make fun of the fact that you
can see the matching blus veins in my skin....

SO Amelia(my cousin) and I are going to go look for a new one at Value City.
I think Kelly(my best friend) is coming up tonight from Bloomington so she can come too!
I found a perfect one yesterday but not in my size....and I m gonna wear Peter s old black
jeans....cut em off and sew em up(cause they are a bit big...imagine that?) and I got some
rafting pants!
I wish I could invite you all along. we can all put on our our SPF 2000! and hold gothy
umbrellas over our bodies while we drift down a dirty smelly crik/river and have fun.....grrrr...
why the hell am I so excited about this? YEA!

damn...this is a super long post.....I think its because I m a day dreamer...

2003-06-25 07:53:09 ET

monster.com and careerbuilder.com SUCK! ...no if ands or buts... i've had my shit up on those sites forever... since they came out pretty much... and i've never recieved word from any prospective employers... grr!

2003-06-25 08:57:41 ET

*sniff* I thought you didn't love us anymore.

jobhunting sux... Best of luck to you dear.

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