You won't find me waiting in line...
2005-07-15 10:21:18 ET

I feel like I'm the only person who isn't obsessed with Harry Potter.

2005-07-15 10:24:06 ET

me too

2005-07-15 10:33:16 ET

YaY! I'm not the only one!

2005-07-15 10:43:45 ET

i totally feel ya there kiddo...
OH soo much i do.

2005-07-15 10:56:30 ET

it's behond over done, i mean i'm sure the books are good but some poeple are just a bit too obsessed

2005-07-15 11:09:58 ET

I don't like the books either. Never have.

I have a friend who's entire wordrobe is practically made up of Harry Potter, shit.

She's going to the book release today in her Hogwarts costume.

2005-07-15 11:14:02 ET

oh goodness thats bad

2005-07-15 11:24:46 ET

oh dear lord...
the mentally disturbed never cease to amaze

2005-07-15 11:52:15 ET

Heretic! Infidel!


2005-07-15 12:23:34 ET

I hate harry potter

2005-07-15 13:16:43 ET


2005-07-15 14:27:31 ET

as well you should.

2005-07-15 14:31:42 ET

everyone should

2005-07-15 14:54:32 ET

True dat, yo.

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