Here's what I found
2005-07-15 23:09:53 ET

These are the three I've found. Trying to follow my boyfriends specifications of...

1-Either satin or vinyl
2-And the fact that he loves corsets
3-And his favorite color being black.

I'm really torn!

2005-07-15 23:21:32 ET

personal preference is number 3
although the other 2 are hella hawt as well

2005-07-15 23:22:28 ET

I like #2 the best, but David says #3 as well, but he hasn't seen the pictures. So hopefully he won't regret the decision.

*This is for his birthday, so he can't see*

2005-07-15 23:42:05 ET

id go with the 3rd one's the hottest in my oppinion

2005-07-16 00:02:04 ET

i'm going for that one too

2005-07-16 06:45:28 ET

nummer drei

2005-07-16 08:07:03 ET

If you have really big boobs go with numero 2...but 3 seems to be the top pick

2005-07-16 20:20:40 ET

Dude #3 is awsome but I really like the first one for a corset any way.

2005-07-16 21:04:39 ET

It's actually a dress, which is the weird thing.

I have to worry about sizing now. I'm really improportionate.

2005-07-17 19:19:57 ET

True true, well how tight do you want it its like almost the same as you normally wear, but I think a little smaller.

2005-07-18 16:41:10 ET

Numero three is the hottest, but I think I might just be basing that off of the girl wearing it.

2005-07-18 16:59:40 ET


the whole "receeding hair line" look isn't becoming.

2005-07-18 19:45:17 ET

Number 2!

2005-07-18 19:51:46 ET

*I liked that one best too.*

But...the boyfriend likes numero 3

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