2005-08-18 00:44:01 ET

Kazaa is fining me $3000. FUCK IT!!!

(I fail at life)

2005-08-18 01:34:24 ET

they can fine u now?

2005-08-18 04:04:12 ET

Why are they fining you?

2005-08-18 05:01:51 ET

whoa....3 grand? how come?

2005-08-18 05:24:18 ET


2005-08-18 06:25:44 ET


2005-08-18 11:08:13 ET

what the fuck.....why?

2005-08-18 11:22:44 ET

Music piracy apparently.

2005-08-18 11:23:58 ET

wow....ive never had someone that i know (well i dont know you know you) to have that happen to them

So you really owe them 3000

2005-08-18 11:24:54 ET

that's what they're fining me. I don't know why it's $3000 (Well, it's more like $3187), but they're doing it I guess.

2005-08-18 11:28:41 ET

That sucks ass

2005-08-18 11:29:52 ET

yeah... that sucks. wish there was some way you could get around that... *looks for loop hole*

2005-08-18 11:31:10 ET

Well, I'm trying to contact them, but I'm not having any luck.

2005-08-18 11:37:18 ET

doesn't seem fair...

2005-08-19 05:30:02 ET

that sucks. I think its bullshit that kazaa can fine people...and then you can't even contact them!

2005-08-19 05:30:43 ET

duh a program built FOR piracy fines you for it now? that's like.. fucking entrapment..

2005-08-19 07:42:36 ET

How are you supposed to pay them? What happens if you don't?

2005-08-19 07:51:15 ET

is it really kazaa?
make sure its not the RIAA gunning for you becuz of your activity on kazaa's network

2005-08-22 01:35:01 ET

Holy fucking shit, you got owned by the law, stupid though, as evry1 does it, bad luck :(:(:(


2005-08-22 06:06:15 ET

how many files did you have downloaded with them?

2005-08-30 10:12:23 ET

Its not really Kazaa, it must be the RIAA trying to fuck users...
They wont give up apparently...

2005-08-30 17:46:05 ET

yeah, i haven't seen a bill or anything..

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