pics and such
2005-10-05 19:54:07 ET

Apparently I look high:

This is my "sexy" one..says the GAY boy:

Marker attack!:

2005-10-05 19:57:18 ET

great pics! *applauds*

2005-10-05 20:03:10 ET

lol, thanks

2005-10-06 04:33:44 ET

Your a goof ass

2005-10-06 12:12:23 ET

nice, but why did you flip the first one?

2005-10-06 13:28:16 ET

i didn't. lol

2005-10-06 14:16:38 ET

then why did you reverse the image on your screen and move you computer to the other side of your monitor?

2005-10-06 14:45:05 ET

oh weird, i never noticed friend must have done it, they're his pics.

2005-10-06 17:47:14 ET

hehe, I love random photo-ops.

2005-10-06 18:22:59 ET


2005-10-07 01:03:30 ET


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