I have some new pictures.
2006-04-24 20:53:50 ET

I was supposed to be Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Vanity kills, I should know.


2006-04-24 22:34:39 ET

I love the middle one...it freaking adorable

2006-04-25 06:38:02 ET

you pulled off a good faye from cowboy beebop.... that is one lucky guy your straddling there... lucky guy indeed.. too bad i dont look like the main guy from that anime (cant recall his name)

2006-04-27 18:40:47 ET

oh ! i use that same siren red lipstick color ! O.T. in Germany
JagerMiester is used as a laxitive. ; ) Those gold gladiator
shorts/strap panties are quite Sphincher-O-riffic and FabU.

2006-04-28 17:19:21 ET

yay Fayefaye!

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