2006-07-18 08:01:14 ET

so it's been a while since i've posted... finished my first full year at a real school... passed all my classes from spring quarter...

Complex Analysis: C

Probability Theory: C

and my favorite
Number Theory: B+

still slacking but i think that might change... hard to focus on school when you're driving up to tahoe every weekend to be in a relationship

speaking of relationships i'm single again... which has it's advantages... been hanging out with friends in tahoe and berkeley... not much else is new, just kinda want to get back to school so i can finish! hopefully just one more year and i'll have my BA in mathematics.

hope everyone is doing well.


2006-04-10 20:05:10 ET

So tired... This has been a crazy weekend! Woke up at 4:30 in the am, on a saturday, drove to sonoma for the Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference held at Sonoma State... it was very fun (yes I am a geek). Then I drove to Tahoe on sunday to go to a party, and then drove to Santa Cruz today because I have school or something...

ok I'm tired, gonna rest up a bit before sleeping...

P.S. I think I drove over 750 miles this weekend...

2006-03-27 14:53:28 ET

Will update the grades as they come in...

Abstract Algebra: C

Math Logic: C

Multivariable Calculus: C

I just want to pass :P I did so little work this quarter... and took the two hardest math classes possable (the non calc ones)


Straight C's :P I'm a huge slacker... oh well, I'm gonna try and work harder this quarter!

2006-03-21 22:05:57 ET

Ah... School is getting closer to ending for the quarter... I have mostly finished my Abstract Algebra final... and I kinda have some of my Math theory final done...

I just want this all to be done!

2006-03-20 09:52:56 ET

Finals at 8 am suck... sooo tired now... at least it's the last (read: only) in-class final I have... now to finish two take home finals... I really need to pass all my classes... school's hard... I've come to find out that I'm taking the two hardest math classes this quarter... hopefully next quarter will be easyer then!

I have a friend from sac coming to visit today... I'm so tired, and it's raining... kinda a crappy day to visit santa cruz but I'll try to find some fun stuff to do!

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