2003-05-06 19:44:28 ET

Je ne comprend pas la vie ou les filles. Life is confusing, and females just complicate the matter even worse. I've asked two girls out on dates, both said yes, I've gone out with one, but I really like the other one as well but I haven't been able to get a hold of her, I am beginning to believe that she doesn't live at home because I always get her answering machine. Both are very attractive, funny, cool, nice, and I would like to get to know both of them better. Plus there is the fact that I am moving this summer to continue my education. I should have never asked either out, it is only making my life's equation more complicated.

2003-05-03 21:12:52 ET

I just got home from a long day/night/day. I went with Jana to max's house and we watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" on her computer, today we played some video games, she skooled me at warcraft 3 whilst I rox0rd her at quake 3 arena. it was fun though, but now I am tired.

2003-05-02 09:35:00 ET

This is my first post. I am just announcing my presence here on SK. Iím not sure what to post in this first post, from now on I think I will just use this like I do my online journal, Iím currently going to Lake Tahoe Community College, and I am going to be moving to Portland this summer with my friend Alice I am planning on majoring in mathematics. Iím currently in differential equations which is the end of the second year calculus series. I also like taking photos of friends at parties and when ever else something funny happens. You can see a ton of pictures in my pictures section of my website thatís also where you can find out more about me. I have been working on my site for probably over 5 years now, although I only have my site changes saved to about two years ago. It has improved and changed over the years as I have grown both as a person and in my html/php/other skillz.

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