2003-06-11 08:27:27 ET

l'ordinateur est mort. vie l'ordinateur

2003-06-08 13:30:53 ET

My computer started acting all slow, then it gave me this nice blue screen with a stop error on it. told me to reboot. durring the reboot the computer stopped and said something was corrupt and that I should use the repair disk... you know it is a very handy disk to have lying around... everything seems ok now, i'm not sure about that though, i need to figure out why it crashed... hrm, anyway... the ERD is a very nice piece of software to have...

21 (Drinking Age)
2003-06-07 08:14:51 ET

My friends and I had fun last night (80 proof). It was tons of fun... today we are going to the beach and then another party might just happen at the same house... it all depends on when the parental unit returns... I guess that's about it...

2003-06-05 16:17:17 ET

Woke up some time around 9am...went to school where i goofed off for about an hour then took a midterm...blew off work and went to the beach :D YAY!!!!!!!!....going to strange brew and going to listen to my friend Andy DJ...hopefully going to denny's after to celebrate something (any reason is a good reason to celebrate)...that is all-

20 - 1
2003-06-03 18:32:41 ET

Kari sent me a special picture just for me :D it's above.... look!

other news in my life. school's been going well but it's a little old now. it's time for summer break, no more books. but alas a few more weeks. Midterm thursday (if midterm sounds late it is, but we have 3 so it's broken into funny size quarters). I've been having fun when I should have been studying. Oh well. Life should be fun not tons of work. I'm only going to do this once I should enjoy it.

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