2003-05-26 23:37:09 ET

Today I went to lunch with Andy, followed by some coffee and math/physics discussions with Andy, Joe, and Stacia, and then some dinner with my grandparents. I have school later today, and probably tons of shit to take care of (especially my differential equations homework that was due last week. And then the stuff due today).
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2003-05-25 14:34:03 ET

I had fun yesterday; I went to the Beach with my friends. Once that died, we went down the street and got ice-cream. Then later we all got together for some good old drinking, followed by some more drinking, and then later we drank some. I don't know what time I finally passed out but it was late. I woke up and my friend Lauren and I went and got some Dennyís take-out, which until this morning I didn't know they did. It has been a great weekend so far, and it's not even over. Today is another Saturday! I Donít know what we're going to do but Andy messaged me saying that he wanted to have another party at the beach so he can play with his balls. I don't know if that will happen though.
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2003-05-23 09:20:49 ET

Again we partied at strange brew last night, it started a little slow but towards the end everyone was dancing. I only got a few pictures so it didn't seem fitting to make a new page for them so I just put them up in my random pictures from 2003 section. here is one that I really like.


2003-05-21 13:58:18 ET

I am so tired today. I came home from school after going to one of my three classes today. I went to differential equations but didn't go to astronomy and I am not going to my piano class tonight because I haven't learned the piece I was supposed to play tonight (not just me the entire class each plays a piece). so yes, now I am going to work on some homework.

yes and there is a ton of shit I need to take care of that I would rather just put off till forever.
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2003-05-19 21:04:34 ET

I've been e-mailing some friends that I see at school and some that I don't. It was kind of fun. Just short, random, e-mails, saying hi. Yes, now I am done.

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