2003-05-12 21:47:46 ET

I got home from SF yesterday and I was too tired to post. It was a nice trip I got some cool stuff, and we celebrated my Dad and Aunt's Birthdays. Here are some Pictures.

I also found a really cool towel.

and got a cool new sweater.

I took an astronomy test today, there were a few questions I didn't know and one essay that I didn't want to write on because it required thought, but I answered the questions as best as possable and wrote some stuff down for the essay so I should get a decent grade.

Math has been boring lately, it's just been a lot of plug into formulas and write down your answer. I think I am also just tired of school right now and need to take a break, this summer will be nice.

2003-05-10 00:19:49 ET

I got home around 2AM from a POST-Math Conference Party! yes that's right, there are pictures from the Math Conference and then some pictures from the Post Math Conference Party as you can see after the super hot girls from the batcholerette party showed up there were no more pictures of the math geeks taken.

and I aspire to be this old man when I grow up...

I have to go to San Fransisco tomorrow around 10 so I'm going to sleep now.
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2003-05-09 01:05:51 ET

Tonight we partied at strangebrew again Proof.

and now I go to sleep.

2003-05-08 09:02:21 ET

Snow, May 8, 2003, WHY!?!?!?!?!?!


2003-05-06 22:00:18 ET

I love math.
I love this calculator.

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