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2006-03-17 01:28:11 ET

I just got an email from myself via futureme.org ... it's a website that allows you to email yourself and for the email to be delivered years later... I'll post the following email below...

(The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on
Friday, March 18, 2005, and sent via FutureMe.org)

Dear FutureMe,

I hope you're over karen by now, you know she's not
the one for you. I also hope you are studying at
berkeley and doing well. have you met another girl? or hooked
up with any? i guess it's true, the only way to
understand the future is in reverse. well i hope this time
next year, you feel better than you do this time last
year (for you anyway). happy birthday me.

so that was the email... yes i have gotten over karen... and I am now at the university of california in santa cruz... things are going well, i'm seeing someone (love you Ivy!) which while not being the most importaint thing in the world... it always makes you feel good, knowing that someone out there is thinking of you! yes relationships come and go (as this email shows), but having someone that you can thing about, and know thinks about you is GREAT!...

this entry is getting kinda long, and i'm not sure how much more I can do without using a spell check... so I will sign off in my drunken haze...

hope all is well with everyone who ready my journals! and since I know most of you who do... I cannot wait until we meet again!


2006-03-15 20:43:53 ET

Time for another update... two take home finals (nice) and then one in class final that starts at 8 am... next Monday... that sucks, but at least it will be pretty easy!

I just need to finish all these finals and I'll most likely pass all my classes...

I'm going to be taking Number Theory, Complex Analysis, and Probability Theory… those should keep me busy next quarter!
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2006-03-13 19:29:33 ET

I've been trying to focus on school more lately, however it's quite difficult for me... next week is finals... I guess we'll see if I can pull this school stuff off!

2006-02-23 19:45:59 ET

school's a pain in the ass...

last midterm is next friday...

finals are in 3 weeks...

I did get a new zippo lighter though :D

need to focus more on school...

I like short sentences...

2006-02-15 17:15:47 ET

So I need to update this more...

(an attempt to catch up from my last post - in under 200 words)
So after my hiatus in Portland, I really liked Portland and if I could have stayed there I would have, but I'm glad I'm finishing up my degree at UCSC. I am currently taking Abstract Algebra, Math Theory, and Multivariable Calculus (for a third time). Classes are going well this quarter, I've gotten use to walking across campus a lot (it's about a mile wide, and very hilly) it's beautiful! After I got back to Tahoe, I started seeing this girl who went to school at LTCC, her name is Karen, she's a douchbag. We broke up due to philosophical differences (hardcore christian vs. agnostic) which I think was a good thing... it made me question my own belief system, and I think I grew a great deal from that event. Just recently I started seeing this new girl Ivy, she's great! She lives up in Tahoe now, although she's originally from SF. I hope to be done with school in another year, and figure out where I can go to grad school... I'd really like to accomplish my dream of getting my PhD. in mathematics. I got a job last summer working for this company that does background checks on people for financial institutions and the like, it pays really well, and I impressed the boss so much that she kept me on while I'm in school... so I get to work from my apartment, on a schedule that I decide, for $17 an hour... I really need to work more though :P

ok I think I have gone over my limit and will sign off for now...

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