2007-12-14 19:02:06 ET
School's out, school's out!
Teacher let the monkeys out!
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     2007-11-22 14:29:28 ET
Harpy Tar!
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     2007-11-06 16:47:10 ET
There are many types of customers I dislike. The worst, though, are probably the ones who won't go look for an item like a sane person, or even go to the help desk like a sane but confused person. Instead they go directly from the front door to the register and set up a base camp, from which they make quick sorties onto the floor. They always expect the staff to drop everything (including helping other customers) and walk them through the experience like Daisy Buchanan shopping for a fur coat at Macy's. This pisses me off.

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 Complaints!    2007-10-31 15:11:15 ET
Why must Halloween fall on such an inconvenient day this year? Or every year, really?

I've never seen an episode of Naruto, but I'm very underwhelmed with its fanbase.

I gotta lose some weight. Seriously.

Can anyone be more tired than me? I submit they cannot.

Can anyone smell worse than the guy sitting next to me at the computer lab? I submit they cannot.

     2007-10-26 21:46:24 ET
I turned in my midterm today. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Also, I found out the Sport Authority has a driving range on site. Not only that, but it's a room well secluded from the rest of the store. Now I know sweet Fanny Adams about golf, but I'm so tempted to abuse the privilege.

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