2007-10-11 01:06:30 ET
Has anyone formed a tribute band for the Rock-Afire Explosion yet?

Somebody totally should. I'd get right on it, but I wouldn't even know where to begin.
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     2007-10-04 17:33:34 ET
So today it's my turn to get whatever disease is circulating around work.

No, it's not mono.

     2007-09-27 02:47:30 ET
If the good ending for BioShock doesn't make you tear up at least a little, you don't have a soul. Simple as that.
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     2007-09-26 17:47:00 ET
I've been looking for this for over ten years.


I can die happy now.

     2007-09-20 20:43:58 ET
I had an awesome day today. It's been so long since I've had a day of unmitigated awesomeness that I'm afraid to jinx it. Details will follow once I decide it's safe to post them.

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