2007-09-10 23:12:21 ET
So here it is: what used to be my second favorite day of the year. It's my b-day. Yes, on 9/11. That's not what's bothering me though. Maybe it's my mood, or maybe, as some have suggested, I've just outgrown birthdays. I don't know. I'm stressed with work and school, as well as a few well-meaning relatives breathing down my neck about plans for celebration, and I just can't think of anything I want to do, at least nothing realistic.

     2007-09-01 22:09:59 ET
Tonight was the first time in over six months that I worked a Saturday evening. Perhaps to welcome me back, somebody shit on the men's room floor. Seriously, guys, why not just cut off those opposable thumbs and be done with it? Then I had to babysit some kids in the music section to make sure they didn't steal anything.

Still, at least I didn't have to get up at five in the morning. This is very important.
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 Good judgment comes from experience.    2007-08-29 16:40:12 ET
Don't play with box cutters. They're sharp and can cut you.

Failing that, don't follow up playing with box cutters with eating hot wings.

     2007-08-26 22:27:59 ET
It's been easily ten years since I last drank Kool-Aid, but out of nowhere tonight I need some bad. Like heroin fix bad.

What the hell?

     2007-08-24 21:41:56 ET
I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I hate Blockbuster. However, I also hate paying lots of money for video games, so sometimes I swallow my pride and go rent one.
They guy at the counter pitched their frequent buyer (renter?) card, and asked me if I was a big movie watcher. I tried to be civil, but the implications of that question offended my film snob sensibilities. My viewing list for the weekend is "Ascenseur pour L'echafaud," "Attack of the Crab Monsters," and "Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner," none of which I see for rent in your store. I do, however, see multiple copies of "Daddy Day Care." When that reaches the top of my list of priorities, I will sign up for your card, but not a moment before.

I said none of this, as it's not his fault that he works a crappy job and I'm a pretentious ass, but seriously, Blockbuster is not in the position to ask questions like that.

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