2007-07-26 12:00:48 ET
I'm just not feeling it today.


     2007-07-20 12:19:54 ET
I have worked in a bookstore for five years. As of today, I have successfully avoided every Harry Potter opening day. I rest easy knowing that I may never have to face down a horde of impatient PV soccer moms.
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 An open letter to CSUF admissions    2007-07-16 13:10:12 ET
Dear Sirs:

I paid the $28 I owed the library. LET ME REGISTER FOR MY CLASSES!!!!!
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     2007-07-13 01:51:38 ET
So the other day I got my first experience in Russian vaudville. We were performing a piece in which four guys fought over a girl. Guess who played the girl.

No, there weren't costumes.

Or pictures.
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     2007-07-09 20:47:18 ET
Today I started Russian History class. I hate to see an interesting subject mishandled, so I'm happy to say the teacher is doing a fine job so far. This will probably not be an easy month, but at least it will be an enjoyable one.

Except that my car's A/C died.

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