2007-06-01 16:13:28 ET
So they opened a Pinkberry right by my house, and after work today I decided to see what all the kerfuffle was about.

I gotta say, I'm not sure I get it. Perhaps I'm just not the Pinkberry kind?

     2007-05-28 12:51:34 ET
So there it is. I feel like hell.

I'm reasonably sure it's not tied to the candy corn, but you never know. I think I need to go die for a few hours.
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     2007-05-26 01:25:20 ET
Although there are times you'd think otherwise, there really is such a thing as too much caramel corn.


 Arms . . . like . . . NOODLES!!!    2007-05-15 17:16:27 ET
I'm sick of being a fatass, so I've been hitting the gym for the past week. Now I'm all sore and my arms don't work anymore.

Also, I'm in a movie. Probably just as an extra, but still! It should be fun and something else to add to the resume. Hopefully I will have regained the use of my upper body by then.

 Words to live by    2007-05-10 22:28:14 ET
"You're not to kick food around."
-Yasujiro Ozu, Early Summer

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