2007-04-20 18:27:58 ET
What's this?!


*explosive nerdgasm*

I may never leave the house again.

 Here's a fun game for YOU    2007-04-16 20:57:13 ET
Go to IMDB.com.
Select ten of your favorite movies.
Select three official IMDB keywords.
Have your friends(and enemies) guess what they are, based only on the keywords!

1. Eccentric, Ex Nazi, Doomsday Machine
2. Based on Ed Gein, Urban Legend, Black Comedy
3. Disturbing, Survival, Zombie
4. Surreal, Corporeal Mortification, Existentialism
5. 16th Century, Katana Sword, Hope
6. Oedipus Complex, Bank Robbery, Gothic
7. Death Ray, Wilhelm Scream, Invented Language
8. Evil Doctor, Crushed Head, Masquerade
9. Cyberpunk, Music, Anthropomorphic
10. Air Attack, Atrocity, Beer

     2007-04-15 21:37:49 ET
I know this board is pretty pug friendly, so I imagine this video will go over well here. Anyway, I liked it.


     2007-04-15 00:00:33 ET
Geez man, Kurt Vonnegut and Don Ho in the same week?

Also the show closed, and it was good.

     2007-04-12 08:29:58 ET
So yesterday I saw Grindhouse. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but that's not the point of the post. The movie (the Death Proof portion, anyway) is yet another voice in the chorus of praises sung over the movie Vanishing Point. I watched Vanishing Point about four or five months ago and despised it. Seriously, for a car chase movie, not much actually happens, but they didn't fail to mix in a lot of late-60's philisophical hand-wringing and general pretentiousness. Even the naked girl on the motorcycle was boring. So why is this such a beloved icon of the car chase movie genre?

Anyhoo, that's what's been sticking in my craw for the past 12 hours or so.
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