2007-04-08 20:43:25 ET
So here I am suffering through the post-show aches and pains, but it's cool. It's the feeling of accomplishment, and I'd probably miss it if it failed to show up one night.

Happy Easter, all.

     2007-04-04 21:00:10 ET
So rehearsals are over and the show opens Friday. This has seriously been the hardest one to fit my life around, but the actual performance is a blast. Kinda reminds me why I put myself through this at least twice a year.

Words can't describe how bad my feet hurt right now. I'm just tired, and I'll be fine in the morning, but DAMN!
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     2007-04-02 08:40:14 ET
If I can get through the next day and a half, I will be able to do anything in life ever. *preparing to slam espresso*

     2007-03-31 19:43:38 ET
Pate and chocolate ice cream look almost identical, but never, ever get them confused.

     2007-03-25 19:41:33 ET
Today I was booed by the entire cast during rehearsal. If I can get an audience to boo similarly, I'll have accomplished a major career goal. No, I'm not kidding.

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