Unrelated to previous post    2007-03-20 16:41:08 ET
If you've been keeping up with The Sneeze (www.thesneeze.com), you know the story behind this and have likely seen it several times. If not, you need to see this now. There's a story behind it which is worth investigating, but I think it might actually be more intersting taken as-is.


     2007-03-20 16:09:31 ET
I often kvetch about school and work and stuff, but I usually hold the worst of it back, as I try not to make a habit of sincerely complaining (rather than for comedic effect) especially when some of it is my fault. That said, I've been under a hell of a lot of pressure lately, between school, work, and the show. I thought about quitting school or my job several times (never the show, as I know where my priorities lie). So today I received a grade on a paper I turned in last week as part of the preparation for the Big Paper due at the end of next month. I should preface this by saying it was a literal last minute entry that failed to accomplish almost everything required of it. It was a paper I was genuinely ashamed to submit, and wouldn't have if the alternative had been anything other than taking the goose egg. I've since put in some actual research, formulated a thesis, and still have all of spring break before I need to turn in an OUTLINE. So what was my grade on this abysmal paper? A B-. I am now of the opinion that I could just turn in shit and get a reasonably good grade, and by that I don't mean a subpar paper, I mean an actual bowel movement. I figure its got to be a solid D at worst.

Also my teacher is hot. I think everything is going to be okay.

     2007-03-19 11:59:15 ET
It's really cold today. Normally this would make me happy, but it just kind of snuck up and caught me totally unprepared.

     2007-03-11 16:51:39 ET
A lot has been said about how much it sucks that we got one less hour of sleep last night. Not nearly enough has been said, however, about how the sun just wouldn't go down today.
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     2007-03-08 08:44:31 ET

In its own subtle way, this is the best thing I've ever seen.
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