General pissing and moaning    2007-01-30 12:53:34 ET
So today I got a veggie burger up ins at the school cafeteria. I won't say I'm a faux-meat virgin, exactly, but something about an object which is in the shape, color, and (hypothetically) taste of meat, but yet which is not meat, is fundamentally offensive to me. Actually, it wasn't all that bad. Worse things happen at sea, y'know? Still, I promise you all, the day after that show closes I'm heading to Lucille's Smokehouse.
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     2007-01-29 13:46:01 ET
The past few days have been interesting, if only marginally eventful. I was invited out on Friday by a coworker for real English tea (don't get excited; it was a group event). We went to this hole-in-the-wall tea place that served up some good tea, along with EXCELLENT chicken salad, egg salad, and cucumber tea sandwiches. They sounded terrible, but they were quite good. Then the savories, then the scones, then the chocolate truffles and napoleons. For something that, as far as I understand it, is supposed to be a snack, it filled me up pretty good. Then off to Westwood to poke around Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash. It was a good day.

Sunday was rehearsal for the play, and also armor fitting. This creates a problem. See, I make a lot of promises about losing weight, but I just like food too damn much and I'm a lazy ass. It all changes now though, because I literally CANNOT gain any weight. The bigger I am, the less I can breathe in my suit of armor. So yeah, it's rabbit food and Bataan death marches every day for me until the end of the show's run.

     2007-01-25 16:28:59 ET
It was decided by my coworkers yesterday that we'd all bring in something for breakfast today. This morning started off with an orgy of donuts and Cinnabon.

My guts hurt real bad right now, but I regret nothing.

     2007-01-24 20:30:10 ET
The cats are having a battle in the bathtub right now.

One of them is 17, and I swear he'll outlive me.

 Classes!    2007-01-23 16:51:44 ET
I'm taking two classes this semester. I've been to both now, so here's the rundown. My first is ostensibly a history class, actually a class about editing. It seems that by taking the class, I've put myself in an editing position for the school's annual history journal. I'm extremely nitpicky about mistakes in other people's writing, though, so this should be easy (and, I'm sure, will leave me wide open for comments about my own typos). The other is the big writing class, the dreaded 490. I'll be writing a term paper on contemporary China. Hopefully I'll find a good topic within the next three weeks, because they'll be expecting a prospectus. I'm sure it'll all turn out okay in the end, though, and anyway the teacher is young and Asian and kinda hot.

So that's what's going on with me, along with nearly full-time work and Ian's play on the weekends. Nothing too difficult, right?

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