2007-07-07 08:10:12 ET
So that boss I wanted to throatpunch? Yeah, I don't work for her anymore. It's off to school for me, so I'm currently unemployed. Perhaps I'll go back to Borders in the fall; perhaps I'll go elsewhere.
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     2007-06-24 12:22:36 ET
Ok, this is pretty obscure, but I'm hoping somebody out there can help.

Prokofiev wrote the soundtrack for Sergei Eisenstein's "Aleksandr Nevskiy." I'm told he also adapted it into a cantata. Now, in the movie, there's that scene where the Teutonic Knights are holding their church service, and a monk is playing the creepiest music EVER. Please tell me this is included in the cantata, or, failing that, is available on CD in some way.

     2007-06-18 18:09:27 ET
I've just been told, about three weeks after the fact, that my 17-year-old cat caught a crow.

I can't tell you how proud I am.

     2007-06-16 21:21:58 ET
So I missed the meet, cuz I am teh suck. Sorry, everybody.

     2007-06-13 11:29:21 ET
I want to punch my boss in the throat, over and over and over. Possibly forever.

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